Special Prayer for Truth, That I Be Turned From Darkness To Light

Special Prayer for TruthWe come to You today, O Lord, in a special prayer for truth. May we be enlightened by Your grace as we pray this prayer to better know You, You who are Truth itself.

[quote]Show Thyself, O Lord, and have pity on Thy child, and bring his steps into the way of peace. Thou that knowest our thoughts, make Thyself known to our hearts; Thou, that art from everlasting, let us behold Thy truth. Hast Thou not made our souls in Thy likeness? Take away stain from the glass, and let us behold it in Thine image. When Thou willest, Thy word goest forth; Thou breathest forth Thy love, and our souls are joined to Thee. Take away from me shame and rebuke; renew in me Thy strength, and show me the way of peace. Turn me again, and I shall be turned; take away the darkness which hideth Thee, and in the light of the living God let me see light. Amen.

Rowland Williams[/quote]


O Lord, we come to you in this special prayer for truth today, desiring to come into your way of peace. You have told us, O Lord, that when we know the truth, then we will be free. You, O Lord, are the truth. You are freedom. You are love. As we come to know You, we come to know peace.

May you be with us as we seek the truth, as we seek love, as we seek peace, as we seek to turn from darkness to light.

You fashioned us in Your own image, O Lord. We are made by You, the Master Craftsman of all craftsmen and all creation. In this special prayer for truth, O Lord, we ask that we may today and each day to be ever a nearer reflection of Your Divine image. Amen.

As we consider this prayer, we reflect on the role of truth in our lives.

  • How do we seek the truth?
  • Are there areas of our lives in which we fail to see the truth, either because we can’t see, or because we don’t want to see?
  • What can we do today to come nearer into the truth and to be further from the darkness?