Prayer that God Deliver from Evil All Bound By Sin

Prayer that God Deliver from Evil all Bound by SinWe very often live in chains: chains of unforgiveness, chains of greed and envy, chains of lust, chains of sin, whatever that sin may be. Yet Christ came to the world to deliver from evil all bound by sin. Through His death on the cross, He conquered sin. We come to God in prayer seeking that He break the chains of sin for all who are bound by sin, and that means us, and that means those we love.

[quote]O God, who dost bring men out of darkness and the shadow of death, such as are bound in affliction and iron, free us, we beseech Thee, from the chains of our sins, and in Thy great mercy deliver us from all evil, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Roman Breviary[/quote]

O God, thank you for hearing my earnest prayer of petition to deliver all from the chains of sin and evil. Seek out your children: those who seek you and long to see your face; those who struggle and know that they struggle; and those who are lost and not sure where to turn.

I know that true freedom is possible only in union with You, and I ask that You lead all to that freedom. I trust in Your love for Your children, and that You desire that all men be set free. I know that as much as I love those you have put into my life, You love them even more, and desire their freedom. Thank you for setting prisoners free. Amen.


Putting Prayer into Practice:

Prayer that God Deliver from Evil All Bound By Sin

How can we put this prayer into practice in our lives today? Consider:

  • How am I bound by sin? What chains hold the tightest grip on me?
  • What chains do I hold on others? Are there people who I need to forgive?
  • Who in my life is bound by the chains of sin? How might I show him my love?
  • God comes to deliver from evil all who will accept His word. In what ways has God set me free?