Prayer to Seek First the Kingdom of God

Prayer to Seek First the Kingdom of GodChrist came to the world to save us. But He doesn’t save us against our will. Instead, he gave us free will so that we might choose Him, so that we might choose love. In this prayer, we make that choice for love. We make the choice for truth. We seek first the kingdom of God.

[quote]Grant us, O Lord, we beseech Thee, always to seek Thy kingdom and righteousness; and of whatsoever Thou seest us to stand in need, mercifully grant us an abundant portion; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Gelasian Sacramentary, A.D. 492[/quote]

O Lord, we thank you that you came to save us, even in our sin. We thank You that You would come in the vulnerability of the smallest of children, placing your own life in the hands of we, Your creatures. You stepped into time so that You might save us, even while we were sinners. You bore even death itself for us, Your children, who need protection, who need your strength, who need Your love.


Putting Prayer into Practice:

Prayer to Seek First the Kingdom of God

How can we put today’s prayer into practice?

Seeking the kingdom of God requires our free will, our choice. And it requires that we make that choice day in and day out, in thought, word and deed.

  • How can I seek God’s kingdom today? In what ways do I need to summon courage to seek His kingdom? Is there one action I can do in which I will step out of fear and choose courage to walk closer to God’s kingdom?
  • Seeking God’s kingdom requires a growth in virtue. What one vice do I most need to combat today? How can I take a step to grow in virtue to combat that vice?
  • In my journey toward God, I will fall, regardless of my best intentions. And that requires that I seek God’s forgiveness. If I should fall today, even in a small way, let me commit now to immediately ask God’s forgiveness, and to ask forgiveness of those whom I have offended where that is possible.
  • Seeking God’s kingdom requires my free choice, but it also requires God’s grace. Can I, throughout the day, say short prayers asking God’s grace to help me to put aside my selfish desires and to seek first the kingdom of God?