Prayer for Courage and Love and to Cast Out Fear

What’s the opposite of love? Did you guess hate? Believe it or not, it’s not hate. It’s fear. Yes, fear. In fear, we choose the desire of self over the good of the other. By contrast, in love, we choose the good of the other over the desires of self. And that takes courage. In today’s prayer for courage and love, we seek to cast out fear.

Prayer for Courage and to Cast Out FearMost loving Lord, give me at childlike love of Thee, which may cast out all fear. Amen.

E. B. Pusey

O Lord, we thank you for Your love. You told us, “Be not afraid.” We ask Your help so that in all things we might live out that command, that invitation to love.


Putting Prayer into Practice:

Prayer for Courage and Love and to Cast Out Fear

In what ways do we live in fear? Do we fear being seen as Christians? Do we fear stepping out in love? As we live today, consider:

  • Being a Christian is counter-cultural, as it has been since the time of Christ. Are there ways in which I am afraid to identified as a Christian?
  • To love is to choose courage. In what way can I be courageous today?
  • To love is to choose to serve. In what way can I choose to serve others today?
  • To love is to choose sacrifice. In what way can I choose sacrifice today?
  • Are the people in my life needing love? In what ways can I choose to love them, rather than to live in fear?
  • Are there children in my life who depend on me for formation? In what way can I choose love today, rather than to be fearful of what they might think?
  • What about the adults in my life? In what way can I serve to witness love to an adult in my life who doesn’t know how much God loves her?
  • Can I find time throughout the day to ask God in prayer for courage and love and to cast out fear? He always answers our prayers, and is most pleased to answer prayers that draw us closer to Him.